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May 2022 Mark Loper
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Southern California Airshow 2023
SoCal Airshow 2023 courtesy Robert Nagy
Big Bear Lake California
Chatting to flight instructors at March
New EGT gauge
Long lines during open cockpit day at March Air Base
Flying home from March Air Base
Open cockpit day at SoCal Airshow 2023
Patriot Jet Team flying past
Cable Airport photo by Frank Mormillo
Breakfast at Big Bear
Test flight over Flabob
Formation with WP833
At Weed Airport CA
Three RAF Chipmunks together
Office Life
Piet Luijken KLM and Chipmunk Pilot
With C47 at Flabob California
Columbia Airport for lunch
Formation Photoshoot
Pilot Rock, Oregon
RAF Pilots in 1996
Formation practice WP833
Display lineup at Flabob
Maintenance at West Coast Air Creations
A great shot from James Lipman
Oil slick after emergency landing
WG430 Cockpit at TRM
Richard and Steve
Formation Training
Scott Corly on 90th anniversary of the Tiger Moth
Formation with a BT13
James Lipman
The broken oil pressure line.
Elizabeth Witte with WG430
Formation Class, Cable Airport
With Frank Brabec EAA
Over the mountains near Pomona, CA
Aviator Flight instructors
In formation with T6 at Cable Airport
With Doug Hey EAA
Formation with WP833
Air Cadets at RAF Manston
The original "elephant" emblem from AEF2
Beautiful mountains of the eastern Rockies
New Slick magnetos fitted
The canyons around New Mexico
Oil leak check in Santa Fe.
Morning dew at Antique Airplane Association
Time to play over Kansas!
Flying in formation with Richard
Three historic Chipmunks.
Visiting the historic IA27 in Iowa
WG430 with 1AEF
Captain Don Olsen flying WG430
Formation with Daniel in his T6
New airline pilot Jaimie Rousseau flying WG430
Ready for a formation sortie at Flabob
Aileron roll demonstration with Jaimie Rousseau
Jon Lawrence and Steve Watkins formation instructors
RAF Bovigdon 1957. Courtesy Rod Brown.
Formation training with WP833
Formation takeoff with WP833
Formation flying with WP833
Departing Flabob Airport
WG430 at Flabob Airport
Salton Sea Flying
75th Anniversary of the DHC1
Graduation photo, Daisy Garcia
Happy Place!
The 1965 Glider World Championships
Takeoff from Flabob
Celebrating 34 years since my first DHC1
WG430 in 1960. Courtesy Rod Brown.
Before: radio, intercom, transponder and
Thermal Airport & the Salton Sea
WG430 mechanic Nando Mendoza.
At the Bermuda Dunes Fly-In (Dan Stiel).
Warbird Digest Article
2005 formation flight
Screen Leaving Flabob Airfield Jan 2020
WG430 over the Salton Sea (credit Matt G
The colors of the Salton Sea in Californ
July 2020 EAA Sport Aviation magazine ar
Historic Aircraft Day at Flabob Airport
Blackbushe Airport 1958
Early morning at Van Sant
Fun times in formation
RAF Manston 1980's (Duncan Curtis)
On the display line at Flabob
Air-to-air photography with Matt Graber
Web photo from 1965
WG430 at RAF Manston in the 1990's
The original frequency card is still in
Taking Andrea up for a familiarization f
On the approach to PSP Airport
Coachella Valley 99s and CVYAE
In the hangar, Thermal CA
Last leg, happy pilot.
Fueling at Blythe, CA (KBLH)
WG430 Flight Certificate 1992
Crossing into California
Easter Sunday in Willcox P33
The full ferry flight route
Sunrise departure KDMN
Early start in Deming NM
On the ground at Las Cruces NM
End of a long day
Cockpit set up for the ferry flight.
Early morning in Austin.
First flight from a UK pilot!
Part one complete in Austin Texas
Grenada Mississippi
Flooded Mississippi River
Ferry flight happy place
Safely away from the approaching weather
Tim working on the spinner
Fuel tickler ready
Circa 1980's - AEF1 at RAF Manston
Up for sale at RAF Newton
Original RAF Form 4801 for WG430
WG430 and current owner
The emblem of Number 1 AEF
First time in the front seat!
The three previous owners
WG430 at Van Sant, Pennsylvania
Flying out of Van Sant in 2018
Smiles after a fun flight
First flight logbook entry from Adrian P
Ready for flight at Van Sant
WG430 at Van Sant Airport in 2018
Shelter from the Pennsylvania rain
The front cockpit in 2018
Right side of the Gipsy Major engine
RAF Manston mid 80's (Duncan Curtis)
Previous owners of WG430
Wonderful tailwheel instructor Azhar
Previous owner flying WG430
Happy place for the new owner
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